Visual Asset Management System

The Newmark Visual Asset Management (VAM) tool provides a seamless operation of asset inspections and corrective actions. This tool enables the display of drawings and asset on mobile devices for ease of capturing findings within a framework that adheres to Joint Commission accreditation needs for hospital facilities.

The VAM tool is built on the ARCHIBUS platform using core compliance technology to create a user friendly and visual means of inspecting facilities.  The system uses Joint Commission life safety standards built-in with Elements of Performance to categorize and manage the inspections. 

With VAM users can easily download the CAD drawings and assets data required for the survey on to your mobile device.  Ease of use in the field is enabled with the ability to scan bar codes to select assets, attach photographs of problem areas to the finding and work seamlessly offline as needed. Users can easily turn on and off background layers just as you would in a true CAD environment. Users can move asset locations by dragging icons around and it will update the database on sync. Basic deficiencies and findings are documented in the field with pull down values to control data fidelity. Work is managed through automated work order and project creation. Bi-directional integrations are enabled for work tickets should your system of record for work management not be ARCHIBUS. Status of work is managed and visually displayed with color coding on the drawings.

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