VISION Real Estate

VISION Real Estate is a pre-configured enterprise-grade Integrated Workplace Management System (iWMS) solution built on a mature, commercial technology incorporating best practices in service delivery. VISION Real Estate is a scalable and cost-effective, low-risk and schedule-friendly replacement for the myriad point solutions, spreadsheets and reporting applications utilized at most organizations.


There's a stigma in the industry about Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS). Statistically speaking, many IWMS projects fail. Moreover, even when an IWMS project is successful only one or two modules are effectively utilized creating an expensive and ultimately wasteful technology point solution. Until now.

Vision-RE-05-11-17-(1).pngNewmark has reinvented how IWMS is delivered; providing clients a pre-configured solution built on a mature, commercial platform. VISION Real Estate is part of an integrated technology platform utilizing IBM TRIRIGA with Newmark best practices as well as features not available in IWMS; a supplier registration portal, a business intelligence solution and a suite of benchmarking and analytics tools.

Newmark has made the complex IBM TRIRIGA solution user-friendly, efficient, fast, and affordable. VISION Real Estate is even leveraged within Newmark’s own brokerage, project management, facilities management and lease administration user community. VISION Real Estate is implemented by CRE consultants with expertise in CRE service delivery, data management, and industry best practices.  

VISION Real Estate provides a mechanism to consolidate all real estate and facilities costs into one database to measure total cost of occupancy (TCO) and have a single data transfer process to disparate business systems.

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