VISION Insight

VISION Insight is an integrated reporting and analytics solution that unites disparate platforms and data sets across multiple Corporate Real Estate (CRE) technologies, spreadsheets, and business systems.


Unlike traditional Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) that report only resident data,  VISION Insight’s functionality integrates data from financial, headcount, space, occupancy, operational, financial and other systems into a single reporting and analytics platform. The dashboards and data visualizations provided can identify trends, mitigate risk and inform an organization’s larger business strategy. VISION Insight is a powerful data management tool with multiple applications and indices to track and validate real estate data.

Vision-Insight-05-11-17-(1).pngVISION Insight supports portfolio strategy; labor arbitrage; mergers and acquisitions; benchmarking; headcount forecasting; data validation and almost any other data-driven use case. In addition, VISION Insight can track performance over time by geography, space type, size, division or function. This tool is fully interactive using visualizations to make data accessible and understandable at any user level. Each deployment is 100% customized to the needs of the client including visualizations, data analytics, and reporting.

VISION Insight is a hosted Software as a Solution application. Each client has their own application instance; this allows the design, functionality, metrics, KPIs and reporting capabilities of the application to be customized to meet client’s business requirements. 

The benefits of VISION Insight include:

  • A flexible, established, commercially available software environment which ensures faster implementation time.
  • A diverse set of best-practices in data management, reporting and analytics specifically for Corporate Real Estate.
  • A deep understanding of underlying CRE and business technologies and can recommend holistic solutions that span between IWMS and Business Intelligence (BI).
  • A dedicated team of experts comprised of business analysts, management consultants, data managers and implementation experts; resulting in a consultative, business-oriented approach to business intelligence (as opposed to a software development approach).

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