Software/Systems Selection

Newmark Global Corporate Services (GCS) practice is designed to review and determine the right technology platform to meet a client’s organizational needs. The GCS Software/System Selection process identifies, procures and implements the selected application(s) to support the management of the full real estate life cycle of our client.

Most real estate departments rely on disparate departmental or site-based databases and/or point solutions which lack transactional transparency and the single source of information required to drive financial, operational and environmental optimization and savings. For corporate real estate directors that are demanding access to integrated information and reporting, the GCS Software Systems Selection process is a critical first step to optimized portfolio planning, site acquisition, facility operations and disposition.

Business drivers for Software Systems Selection include:

  • Out-dated, manual business processes
  • Cumbersome inter-departmental hand-offs and data reentry points
  • Lack of access to time-critical information
  • Difficulty managing multiple leases – broadly cased portfolios
  • Lack of space utilization / allocation tools to support cost containment strategies
  • Applications built from owner or leaseholder perspective, not both
  • Lack of standards which result in a conglomeration of tools

GCS Software/System Selection experts start with an in-depth, independent review and assessment of current processes, existing technical environment and future objectives and priorities that leads to the development of both an interim and long-term technology strategy. For some clients, an integrated suite of applications is appropriate. For other clients, best-in-class point solutions are necessary to meet their needs.

Software Systems Selection services include:

Assessment Criteria and Approach
A scoring framework guides client’s to select the right software systems by documenting functional requirements and ensuring the software systems align with overarching corporate goals.

Operational Support
The post-implementation strategy includes support to manage and maintain selected software systems.

Functional Fit
An assessment is performed to measure how well the systems addresses each of the organization’s functional requirements.

Vendor Viability
A report is provided that outlines overall strategic direction, market position and financial stability to assess areas including:
  • Vendor background
  • Product background
The installation of systems.

Technical Fit
An exercise conducted to measure a system’s technical capabilities against an organization’s architectural model and technology environment.

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