Business Process Optimization

Newmark Global Corporate Services (GCS) Business Process Optimization services deliver a strategic approach to increase efficiencies in operations, streamline business expansion and identify opportunities to reduce costs. These services leverage a series of proprietary Newmark tools to provide an end-to-end view of the real estate and facilities life cycle. The outcome is a customized, scalable business process model which documents key organizational integration points and outlines a set of core capabilities.

Business Process Optimization is the way organizations challenge “business-as-usual” and it serves as a driver of transformation articulating and documenting a larger corporate vision. These services help companies rethink how they work; refocusing an organization’s values on customer needs; redesigning core processes with information technology; identifying cross-functional teams and assigning them process ownership; rethinking basic organizational and people issues; and highlighting decision points to consider in order to improve operations.

Business Process Optimization services:

  • Increase customer satisfaction and streamline processes and reporting
  • Improve the quality of core products and services
  • Reduce costs by avoiding non-value add activities and misappropriation of resources
  • Implement performance management establishing metrics and analytics to root out inefficiencies and improve effectiveness
  • Improved regulatory compliance
Newmark’s experienced Business Process Optimization consultants provide a series of workshops using our library of documented best practices. Facilitated in a professional and interactive environment that includes a full range of stakeholders, these workshops function as a venue for challenging the status-quo, making key strategic and operational decisions, identifying key performance indicators and developing new processes that will ultimately be institutionalized. The end result is a process model with decision factors, cross functional team touch points and documented processes aligned to client objectives.

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