Digital Advisory Services

Newmark Digital Advisory Services leverage business trends, strategy and best practices to ensure digital solutions align with business objectives and enhance user experience. These solutions impact information management, operational effectiveness and the operating model to optimize governance and service delivery.


Today, business and technology are inextricably linked. This presents a challenge for even “tech savvy” leaders as corporate real estate (CRE) organizations are now tasked to implement standards which align with enterprise-wide initiatives. Disparate systems owned by different parts of the business often result in a lack of cohesive visibility into information and performance. Changing workplace and business strategies call for adaptive and emerging technology applications. Newmark’s experienced Digital Advisory services team leverages business best practices and their own deep knowledge of the CRE industry to provide a road map that transforms data into a strategic asset and elevates the profile and value of the CRE organization.

Benefits include:

  • Data-driven decision-making framework
  • Clarity in technology investments with Return on Investment (ROI) scenarios
  • Clarity of responsibility and accountability
  • Change management strategy

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