Data Analytics

Newmark Global Corporate Services (GCS) Data Analytics practice informs strategic decision-making. Newmark Data Analytics experts aggregate data, identify decision criteria and conduct the modeling simulation and regression analysis required to grow an enterprise in today’s market.

Data has become ubiquitous. Access to data is no longer a competitive advantage but a standard requirement. Alone, raw data offers little-to-no value. Once organized, this information can describe an organization’s current state.

Newmark Data Analytics services can take an organization’s data even further by unlocking the potential for data to drive strategic decision-making. Newmark Data Analytics services provide a comprehensive view across all components of real estate management and business operations.

Newmark Data Analytics services include:

Data Mining
Data mining combines labor, economic, market, workplace, financial and benchmarking data in a single database.

Decision Science
Decision science places a methodical, scientific structure around the process of identifying and weighting evaluation criteria. In most instances, the decision science process forms the backbone of a client’s engagement and the result is a fully defensible, quantified and board-ready recommendation.

Predictive Analytics
Predictive analytics provide probability-based predictive modeling-not typical point solutions. Predictive analytics offer alternative market support of operational demands; an accurate forecast of future demand or real estate costs and way to address uncertainty in key variables which could impact identified outcomes.

The application of all the services above results in unique insights and information that combine market, economic, labor, workplace and real estate data into solutions for multi-disciplinary problems.

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