Business Intelligence and Analytics

Newmark Global Corporate Services’ (GCS) Business Intelligence and Analytics services deploy VISION Insight, VISION Analytics and create custom solutions. The Newmark team is comprised of business analysts, management consultants, data managers and implementation experts; resulting in a consultative, business-oriented approach to data management.


Typically, portfolio data is fragmented between systems and ownership; for example, space data, lease data, capital projects, financials and human resources.  These underlying systems are valuable individually but they do not offer insight to support strategic decisions unless they are brought together through reporting, visualization, and analytics.  In addition, the underlying data must be standardized to Vision-BI-Analytics-05-11-17.pngimprove reporting quality, reduce errors and improve workflow.  The challenge in aggregating data is not simply that it lives in disparate systems, but because data definitions are typically different across systems, data is often missing and there is no way to validate what is available.

For those reasons, the Newmark approach to business intelligence does not start with application development but is driven by business specific metrics, KPIs and master data strategy.  Then Newmark business intelligence and analytics team support portfolio strategy; labor arbitrage; mergers and acquisitions; benchmarking; headcount forecasting; data validation and almost any other data-driven use case. 

Newmark Business Intelligence and Analytics services include:

  • Use Case Development - Newmark uncovers and documents user roles, reporting requirements, required functionality, current reporting and data interactions, source systems historical data tracking requirements, user interaction and user experience expectations and scope of prototype development.
  • Existing Data Documentation - Completed work in identifying data sources, documenting data uses and data contents is accounted for.  To avoid duplication of effort, Newmark explores all of the existing data documentation and analyzes client data management practices.
  • Metrics & Key Performance Indicators (KPI) - Business intelligence solutions support operations and help drive strategy; they include relevant, meaningful and accurate metrics and key performance indicators. Newmark identifies all current metrics/KPI requirements, as well as desired or future metrics/KPI needs.  The focus on future needs define the technical requirements for business intelligence tools to evolve with the business, and/or identify any data gaps.
  • Technical Requirements – Business intelligence solutions must work in concert with data management and IT security standards. Technical requirements include data retrieval, data refreshes, users, and security.

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