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The right technology can enable business operations to better advise on an organization’s assets and real estate control strategy. Newmark Global Corporate Services (GCS) Technology Solutions transform raw data into manageable data assets, drive analytics and inform strategic decision-making.


Most business functions, such as supply chain, market access, customer penetration, etc., rely on data to inform decision-making and the implementation of technology to support these functions is standard operating procedure. Real estate, however, has historically lagged behind in the adoption of comprehensive technology and analytics solutions.

Today, as technology becomes more common in space and portfolio management, real estate departments are facing a new dilemma-trying to piece together information from disparate systems, spreadsheets and legacy practices.

Newmark Technology Solutions enable an organization’s portfolio data to serve as a mechanism to advance long-term business goals. These technologies unlock the potential of real estate as a business driver, putting in place the infrastructure to support data capture, tracking, reporting and analytics. Newmark Technology Solutions help organizations streamline their data strategy, meet data capture protocols and implement a business intelligence platform.

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