Retail Disposition and Restructuring

In 2015 Excess Space Retail Services, Inc., joined Newmark Global Corporate Services (GCS). For more than twenty years, Excess Space has specialized in retail real estate disposition, lease restructuring, lease renewals and valuations for retailer’s nationwide serving supermarkets, drug stores, department stores, home furnishings companies, banks and restaurants.

Excess Space Retail Services, Inc., has successfully assisted more than 160 national and regional retailers; putting over $4 billion USD in capital back to work for a variety of retailers in the following sectors: supermarket, drug store, specialty retail, department store, home furnishings, bank, auto parts, convenience/gas and restaurant.

Real Estate Disposition for retailers has been the foundation of the Excess Space business model for over 20 years. Excess Space exclusively represents more retail real estate (leasehold and fee simple) annually throughout the US and Canada than most GCS competitors combined and they hold a historically low two to four times faster rate of disposition.

Lease restructuring, inclusive of lease renewal services obtained through rent reductions and lease modifications, enable clients to mitigate leasehold exposure. These programs require more information, time and resources than ever before and have become critically important to retailers facing the economic and competitive pressures associated with improving a client's bottom line and, in many cases, avoiding potential bankruptcy.

Real estate valuation is an area for which Excess Space leverages established relationships with more than 450 national brokerage firms to provide due diligence in advance of disposition, restructuring and renewal. These services evaluate each client's portfolio including the review of any real estate under consideration for acquisition and thereby valuing the real estate and identifying candidates for disposition, restructuring and renewal. This enables clients to further maximize the value of their real estate at all levels.

To learn more visit the Excess Space Retail Services Inc. website.

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