Workplace Well-being

The Newmark Workplace Strategy and the Human Experience team has a WELL Accredited Professional on staff who is helping organizations create spaces that support wellness. 

Today there is a new way to measure building performance - how well it supports the health and wellness of its human occupants.
We have many clients that want to get the most out of their workspace and want ways to measure the impact buildings have on the health and wellness of their occupants and optimize their environments. We work with them and make recommendations to improve air quality, natural light, access to clean water, encouraging fitness, and adding biophilia to the space to improve a space’s wellness performance.
Even if WELL accreditation might not be a fit for your organization, there are still wellness components and strategies that can support peak performance from your workforce. Simple tweaks like adding plants, access to natural light, and including wellness rooms can improve the health of your workforce and drive down healthcare costs.

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