Change Management

The Newmark Workplace Strategy and Human Experience team helps organizations migrate to new ways of working that align with organizational goals and engage the workforce.  

We understand that work environments are dynamic living entities made up of diverse people each with their own experiences, values, and personalities. As such, introducing a new workplace can have a significant impact on people, processes, and culture. By having a structured approach to manage the people side of change, you can increase the speed of adoption of new workplace behaviors and minimize resistance. Change Management can help minimize disruption to productivity and avoid costly setbacks.

We work with leaders and managers to guide them through their own change journeys and support their teams through the change. One of the most common challenges we support is the development and implementation of new ways of working - desired behavior patterns that will help your work environment run smoothly. Whether it is learning how to work in an open plan or manage a remote team, our consultants are experienced in defining these new behaviors and supporting staff and managers to adopt them.

We can also take these concepts a step further to evolve company policy. Collaborating with HR leaders, we evaluate existing policy; make updates to reflect the new environment, and/or creating new policies to support the workforce.

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