Workplace Strategy and Human Experience

The NKF Workplace Strategy and Human Experience team leverages workplace to envision environments where employees want to come to work, participate, and perform.


Our offerings in change management, occupier services, workplace well-being, environmental branding, and development and visualization gives our clients a suite of services to support their workplace evolution.

Our team includes real estate strategists, architects, financial analysts, change management practitioners, and subject matter experts with experience in what makes a successful workplace. We work with clients to make the experience of going to work more engaging, supportive, and productive.

Workplace Strategy is the dynamic alignment of business, culture, technology, and work patterns with the physical environment that enables peak performance. Successful Workplace Strategy can lead to cost reduction and improvements in the quality of life for its occupants. We help our clients engage the workforces of today and tomorrow to develop a work environment that supports business objectives and the human experience.
Our Workplace practice is grounded in the following principles:   

  • Collaboration creates business value.
  • Providing flexibility improves productivity and engagement.
  • Alignment to brand nurtures the culture and creates an authentic experience for employees, guests, and customers.
  • Workplace initiatives afford the opportunity to reinvest in your people, infrastructure, and environment.
  • Leveraging workplace strategies based upon how people actually work enables companies to grow without necessarily needing to grow space.

How We Work
Our Workplace Platform leverages research tools and uses a process that uncovers operational and financial benefits that are unique to each of our clients. Our platform includes an analysis of an organization’s goals and employees’ opinions as well as a study of their actual work habits.
We overlay our data, analysis, and observation with organizational objectives in the following areas:

  • Business strategy
  • Human capital investment
  • Technology
  • Culture & firm branding
  • Space utilization

By connecting these typically "siloed" elements of your workplace landscape, we work with you to create new and exciting work environments.
Supporting Portfolio Solutions
We have helped clients develop space standards that are applied across an entire portfolio of office locations. Once you develop a solution that works for you, we can help you tailor it to unique spaces in a way that keeps the functionality of the solution, while embracing the culture and personality of individual locations.  

For more information, contact: 

Roy-Abernathy-Headshot-2.jpgRoy Abernathy 
Executive Vice President, Global Workplace Strategy & Human Experience

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