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The Newmark Global Corporate Services (GCS) Global Strategy Consulting practice integrates best-in-class tools, proven methodologies, industry-leading technology and data-supported analytics to deliver impactful, measurable solutions to the complex challenges facing businesses today. With over $3 billion USD in capital and one-time infrastructure cost savings and recommendations resulting in a 10-30% annual operating cost reduction over baseline scenarios, consulting services understand the business of technology and commercial real estate (CRE).


After significant investment, attraction and retention of world class subject matter experts and targeted acquisitions, the GCS management consultancy has been formed and is capable of supporting organizations across a wide variety of industries, asset types and geographic markets.

GCS Global Strategy Consulting services reach far beyond real estate decision support and into the value chain of an organization by mobilizing objective, data-driven, market-relevant and actionable scenarios and alternatives. GCC sets the stage for organizations to realize meaningful change and bottom line value generation.

GCS Global Strategy team is comprised of more than 75 consultants with diverse backgrounds ranging from industrial and mechanical engineering to finance; economics to architecture; urban planning and geography to information management; operations to business process and analytics and logistics to real estate. Many GCS experts have also migrated from business, technology and management consultancies and now apply their unique skill sets to provide the continuum of services illustrated below.

Underpinning these skills sets is a deep commitment to delighting our clients through innovative approaches; a focus on process improvement; a balanced perspective on opportunity and risk; custom business intelligence tools and a compelling business case to support a client’s real estate decision-making needs.

Globally, GCS Global Strategy Consulting services has performed in over 20 countries including the Americas, Asia-Pacific, along with Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

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