Transition Management

Newmark Global Corporate Services (GCS) Transition Management provides a smooth, seamless change process, regardless of portfolio size or complexity. The experienced GCS Transition Management team has successfully transitioned multiple accounts and millions of square feet of corporate real estate. The GCS transition team manages all phases, from strategy through implementation across service lines and geographies.

Transition Management services include implementing new processes based on increasing business; centralizing functions to increase efficiency and profitability; leveraging the procurement power of global organizations to reduce cost or aligning an organization’s portfolio with a new partner to improve service delivery or access talent.

GCS Transition Management helps organizations move toward their desired state. To do this, internal change agents are appointed to lead the implementation of specific aspects of the transition process. The overall process is entirely client-driven and facilitated through a detailed change management framework.

Transition management establishes a partnership baseline and identifies benchmarks for measuring success. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are reviewed as part of an ongoing improvement initiative.

A key differentiator to the transition process is a cross-functional and interdisciplinary structure. This structure ensures that strategic initiatives are addressed as a part of the transition, in addition to those related to tactical implementation.

The key to implementing a successful transition is to minimize disruption to existing services, at the outset and throughout the transition process. GCS transition work streams and a detailed transition schedule-including milestones, all activity and data required from the client-provide a framework for each area of service delivery. Transition schedules include key dates and tasks; status updates; interdependencies and milestones.

The ultimate deliverable is a governance program which includes key guidelines, regulations and expectations for all team members. This program is designed to adapt and change as the partnership grows, serving as a guide to meet and surpass client objectives.

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