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Newmark Global Corporate Services (GCS) Transaction Management can meet any kind of transactional requirement. The Transaction Management methodology is a scalable, repeatable and measurable process. GCS manages transactions every step of the way, from devising results-oriented strategies to delivering every report, analysis and recommendation.

The full and active management of transactions is a clear differentiator for GCS. The Transaction Management team controls every step in a client’s transaction, from devising results-oriented strategies to delivering every report, analysis and recommendation. The GCS approach to Transaction management is the most comprehensive methodology available and it can be executed in any market.

The GCS team is comprised of highly qualified regional leaders who are actively involved in preparing and overseeing all client deliverables. Newmark views Transaction Management as a collaborative relationship comprised of qualified local experts supported by process and tools. These experts are identified based on the criteria of a requirement (e.g., industrial, office, retail, transaction size, etc.). They understand best-in-class performance, act as a single point of contact and facilitate communication and reporting.

Ensuring consistency of service is paramount to GCS Transaction Management, so a playbook containing all required forms; specific guidelines and procedures; required templates and performance measurement criteria is compiled. Playbooks are customized and available for the account manager, regional leaders and local experts.

All transactions are integrated with technology and a GCS lease administration database. This ensures a process that does not end when a specific transaction is complete. GCS’ online transaction management tool is highly customizable and offers real-time access from anywhere and at any time.

A variety of web-based weekly and monthly status reports; in-depth financial analysis including cash and GAAP; market-specific reports and other key analysis are provided to support transactional decision-making. Project close-out and performance evaluation are also provided to quantify results, savings and performance.

GCS’ established Transaction Management process ensures consistent quality and service delivery for all transaction-related services. These services include:

  • Acquisitions
  • Market intelligence and analysis
  • Location optimization
  • Landlord financial due diligence
  • Site assessment and selection
  • Building due diligence
  • Financial analysis
  • Proposal solicitation, review and negotiation
  • Financial and accounting implications
  • Lease document analysis
  • Market and submarket economic data and trends
  • Determining market values
  • Marketing program
  • Target prospects
  • Disposition
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