Program and Project Management

Newmark Global Corporate Services (GCS) Program Management considers an organization’s long-term business objectives to improve the efficiency of Project Management, Design Management, Construction Management, Procurement and Relocation services across an organization’s real estate portfolio. Program Management services can help organizations realize cost reductions of 15%-25%.

The GCS Program and Project Management practice coordinates and oversees a company’s real estate portfolio needs. Serving as integrator and facilitator, GCS ensures all disciplines, stakeholders, consultants, vendors and contractors are seamlessly working together.

Project Management also owns data workflows, team member accountability, quality of work and budget combining state-of-the-art tools and relevant industry experience to aid clients in realizing overall cost savings and better project transparency.

From strategy through implementation, the GCS Project Management team leads every step of the way, providing a single point of contact, accountability and enabling our clients to remain focused on achieving their key business objectives.

The following services comprise the GCS Program Management practice:

Project Management

The GCS Project Management team serves as the implementation arm of program management, providing real-world solutions and a customizable and scalable methodology. Staffed by former CRE professionals, construction managers, space planners, architects, engineers and developers, the GCS team has the skills to successfully complete occupancy strategies. GCS Project Management services provides recommendations to reduce risk and accelerate savings benefitting clients through lower operating costs on labor, transportation, energy, occupancy and distribution outlays. The Project Management team also has experience supporting LEED certification initiatives.

Design Management

The GCS Design Management team coordinates and manages all architects, engineers and consultants within a project steering the architectural design and overseeing the initial design phase prior to the construction bidding process. By limiting the need for additional service fees, organizations who leverage Design Management can see cost reductions of $0.60 to $1.00 per rentable square foot.

Construction Administration

The GCS Construction Administration team provides full turn-key project management services for large-scale, ground-up buildings and tenant office build-outs. GCS construction professionals manage a myriad of domestic and international projects and programs and can help organizations realize construction cost reductions of 10%-20%.

Construction Administration services include:

  • Bidding and proposal solicitation
  • Pre-construction services
  • Value engineering analysis
  • Architect/engineering team selection
  • General contractor selection
  • Start-up/turn-over management
Procurement Services

The world-class sourcing and Procurement Services provided by GCS focus on cost reduction. These services lower supplier profit margins, reduce total cost of ownership and remove costs from the entire portfolio through structured, cross-functional, analytical processes. Experienced in project procurement from single to full program opportunities for large-scale projects, GCS Procurement Services handle contract preparation; bid solicitation and analysis and value engineered delivering of market products at or below cost for each project. This helps organizations realize overall costs savings of 15%-25%.

Relocation Management

GCS Relocation Management services consider opportunities, manage limitations and design a planned response to adverse events. The Relocation Management team is skilled and efficient managing everything from transition strategy to on-site move coordination.

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