Newmark FDI Expert Highlights Canada’s Global Competitiveness in Recent Editorial

Newmark Senior Managing Director, Gregg Wassmansdorf, recently authored an article for Expansion Solutions Magazine titled Room to Grow in Canada. In this editorial, Mr. Wassmansdorf shares insights about "Canada’s current competitiveness, its recent investment successes, and its attractiveness for new investment and business growth".

Excerpt below.

“In this magazine last year, I outlined a lengthy list of business and economic rankings that placed Canada in first position relative to other countries in the G7, G20, OECD, or globally for such measures as cost competitiveness, ease of doing business, soundness of the banking system, global reputation, talent, growth, and corporate taxes. Some of these rankings may have slipped in the last year (they can be volatile measures of economic and business health). But overall, there is a lot of positive news to report for business investment in Canada. This has involved many companies, in diverse industries, making investments across the country."  
"In 2018, Canada has taken some knocks. U.S. tax changes reduced Canada’s long-standing corporate tax rate advantage of its southern neighbor. Foreign investment has declined nationally (in the context of FDI declines globally). NAFTA trade renegotiations are on-going, and the end-result is not yet clear. These headwinds are challenges that Canadian governments and business appear to be facing with confidence and by seeking solutions through technology and policy innovation.”

Read the full opinion-piece, Room to Grow in Canada.

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