Culture Clash: Flexible Workspace, Coworking and the Future

Newmark Knight Frank has just released an eye-opening new white paper titled Culture Clash: Flexible Workspace, Coworking, and the Future. This white paper highlights generational shifts impacting the workplace, millennials and their influence on workplace design, the rise of coworking spaces, and how these workplace trends will likely shape the future of commercial real estate.

Excerpt below.

"Over the past 20 years, the workplace has evolved since the popularity of the open plan office in the 1990’s. The rise of activity based / agile working (ABW) and the more recent phenomenon of coworking have been the two most prolific changes to workplace designs over the past five years.
While workspace evolution has historically been gradual, it can be radical as seen with the recent explosion of the global coworking industry, which has captured a previously untapped market. The prevalence of ABW has been gradual over the last 10 years but is now fast becoming the norm. In turn, the concept of less personal space, and the sharing of common spaces that ABW brings, has revolutionized the way the workplaces operate and has been instrumental in the evolution of coworking.
In this paper, we assess the drivers behind the significant shifts in the way that individuals and business occupy commercial office space, comment on the explosion in the coworking industry, and provide a rationale for why we firmly believe that coworking is here to stay, and indeed will continue to expand at a rapid rate."

Read the full NKF white paper, Culture Clash: Flexible Workspace, Coworking, and the Future.

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