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At least four different generations make up today’s workforce talent pool. Tapping into the best of this talent requires companies to be age-inclusive. Every generation has talented, hard-working individuals and, while more and more forward-thinking companies are leveraging creative techniques to attract and retain top talent from all age groups, these companies sometimes lack a true understanding of the impact that each generation has on other generations as well as the workplace itself. 

A multi-generational workforce is defined as a workforce made up of employees from different generations including the Baby Boomer generation, Generation X, the Millennial generation, and Generation Z.

Gaining a better understanding of the impact that a multi-generational workforce has on today’s workplace (and – by extension – the commercial real estate, more broadly) is the foundation of this survey. The goal is to gain a better understanding of how each generation is perceived, how each age group collaborates and interacts with other generations, and how their workplace behaviors impact the commercial real estate (CRE) business model. 

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