Newmark at CoreNet Global Summit 2018

The 2018 CoreNet Global Summit has come and gone and Newmark had a standout presence at the CRE event of the year. At this year’s conference, held in Boston, MA, Newmark was more than an event sponsor - the company contributed five sessions to the conference agenda and highlighted hot topics like human experience in the workplace, AI and automation, emotional intelligence, and Industry 4.0.

"I'm excited to see Newmark take a high-profile role in this year’s CoreNet Global Summit. The Newmark team is contributing several breakout sessions by our recently expanded Workplace Strategy and Human Experience team,” said Peter Doran, President of Newmark’s Global Corporate Services, prior to the event. “These industry experts understand the nuanced workplace practices that attract, retain, and get the most out of today’s top talent. They have a lot to share. We are looking forward to a great event.”
Newmark session co-presenters represent a diverse selection of industry professionals from organizations like Robert Luchetti Associates and Simoneaux Consulting LLC. Get the details from each of these informative sessions below.

The Impending Loneliness Epidemic: Let’s Be Part of the Solution
Former Surgeon General, Vivek Murthy argues that loneliness is a major public health risk and studies have shown that loneliness often leads to an early death and has the same health risks as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. The loneliness trend is only increasing with a full-blown crisis on our hands by 2030. Vivek says workplace and employers can help. Session attenees learned how CRE and workplace be part of the solution.

Man vs. Machine: Emotional Intelligence as Job Security in the Face of AI
Machines may be superior to human workers in some ways, but it is important to note that there is one area that machines will never excel and that's what makes us human... our emotional intelligence (EI). Empathy is one of the most important parts of EI. This session examined how to strengthen your Emotional Intelligence and understand the significance of building teams with high EI levels.

The New HQ: Culture of Innovation and Collaboration Translated into Design and Technology
What is the new state of the corporate headquarters? Traditionally, a "headquarters" (HQ) elicits images of an administrative and management center -- places and spaces that demonstrate structure, policy-making, and governance. Modern HQs are investing in culture, brand, and collaboration. This session explored how HQ buildings support the new Digital Era. The expert panel provided thoughts and experiences from three professional perspectives -- the view of HR and the C-Suite, the importance of place and design, and the role of technology to enable employees.

Your Office Is Where You Are - Looking Back to Leap Forward
In a fireside chat with accomplished architect, innovative industrial designer, and visionary thinker Robert Luchetti, author of the predictive and oft-quoted Harvard Business Review piece "Your Office is Where You Are", he and Tamar Moy explored the evolution of activity-based settings since the publishing of this seminal work. They revisited his predictions, identified the pitfalls of some of their assumptions, and hypothesized how the fundamentals of this strategy will translate in the future.

The Coming Labor and Location Challenges Posed by Industry 4.0
The fourth industrial revolution, often called "Industry 4.0", is a new era in which corporate activity is increasingly digital. Technological advances allow for more and faster data collection and analysis, wireless connectivity and mobility, AI and automation, virtualization, machine learning, robotics, and new human-machine interactions. As technology continues to evolve and the adoption rate of innovations increases, disruption to current workforces and future labor markets is expected to be one of the greatest challenges to predict, manage, and mitigate. This session examined the impacts on corporate functions as they are expected to occur in different locations and within specific real estate asset types.

Beyond our speaking engagements, Newmark was also nominated for the CoreNet Global Innovator Award. The entry, a comprehensive talent migration research initiative titled, "Newmark Mines Social Solving Who, When, Where for Tech Talent," has been recognized as a Professional Excellence Award Finalist.

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