Recent Online Article Highlights Newmark Client’s New Workplace "Environment of Growth"

A recent American Builders Quarterly online article spotlight’s Walgreens Senior Director of Workplace Solutions Amanda Quinton who, with her team, spearheaded a program consisting of several initiatives designed to create sustainable “new ways of working" at the company's Deerfield, Illinois headquarters.

Excerpt below.

“One of the most basic aspects of Quinton’s program is closely tied to the recent transition to an open space environment, doing away with the traditional cubes and offices layout. Individual waste bins have also been eliminated, replaced by a central waste and recycling area that prompts people to leave their desks and be conscious of the way they dispose.

“I think it allows people the opportunity to make better decisions around whether something should be put into recycling versus waste,” the workplace solutions director explains. “Unfortunately, when you have that waste can at your desk, you tend to put everything into it.”

As part of its waste and recycling program, the company has also begun to compost within its cafeterias. Quinton notes that her team is coordinating with the food service vendors to ensure all products and materials they’re providing with the food is compostable.

Walgreens has been able to divert an impressive 93 percent of waste from its distribution facilities around the country from going into landfill, thanks to its robust zero waste to landfill program. “Being a part of the Walgreens community that supports these initiatives is really important to me,” Quinton says. “We hope we have people join our teams who have a vested interest in these programs because it’s another way in which we help protect the environment and support the communities that we’re in every single day.”

Read the full article titled Amanda Quinton Creates an Environment for Growth.

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