Newmark Expert Authors Online Article Highlighting Drivers of Change in 21st Century CRE

A recent CoreNet Leader online article authored by Newmark global head of client solutions, Thomas Bogle explores corporate real estate (CRE) change drivers in the 21st-century. In the article, Mr. Bogle collaborates with several professionals – both from Newmark and across the industry – asking them to weigh in and identify the most impactful and transformative business drivers – beyond technology – they see in the market today and over the last several years. Their responses may surprise you.

Excerpt below. 

“Every day brings a barrage of news about driverless vehicles, robots displacing factory workers, drones delivering products to our doorsteps, and the unremitting expansion of artificial intelligence into every facet of our professional and personal lives. No market segment is, or ever has been, immune from the impact of new technologies, from the invention of the wheel through the industrial and digital revolutions.
Embrace it or not, technology is now part of our profession’s DNA. Undeniably, it’s been a driving factor of corporate real estate’s evolution over the past 10 years, and there’s no doubt it will continue to be a catalyst in the future. The question is, though, is it THE driver or just one factor among many? Has technology so dominated today’s imagination that when we think about tomorrow, we subordinate everything else?
I talked to several corporate real estate, or CRE, thought leaders – colleagues, consultants, outsource service providers and clients. I asked them to respond to an underlying thesis: that technology is the profession’s number-1 driver. As it turned out, these conversations served as a jumping-off point for wide-ranging discussions about the state of CRE – the significance of technology, certainly, but in the context of many other influences, such as demographics, human relationships and human intelligence, the changing workplace and the profession’s growth and/or consolidation.”
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