Newmark Experts Promote the Value of Space Performance and Workplace Enablement

Newmark industry experts, Mayu Roy and Stacy Davis presented an interactive breakout session at the recent Tradeline Space Strategies conference held November 13th and 14th in St. Petersburg, FL. The intimate conference was focused on identifying new and effective tactics to achieve higher space utilization, lower occupancy costs, increase organizational performance, improve workplace experience, enable healthier work environments, and more.

“The new workplace planning and management status quo is simple; the workplace is only optimized when you understand workplace performance. Workplace performance and productivity are informed by workplace standards and metrics. Workplace metrics are collected through monitoring, way-finding, and presence detection,” said Stacy Davis, Senior Managing Director, Consulting. “In today’s world of IoT and smarter buildings, this data isn’t just available, it's invaluable”.

The session, titled “Comparative Strategies for Measuring Space Utilization; Recommended Applications, Benefits, and Results”, focused on tactics to accurately measure space utilization data, a foundational element in long-term occupancy planning, and selecting the optimal workplace tool(s) for any organization. The session also compared alternative solutions for measuring workplace utilization including single- and multiple-source data collection methodologies.

“The topic is timely, with corporate workplace environment seats utilized (on average) only about 40% of the time, space strategies are becoming increasingly critical to an organization’s bottom line. In today’s workplace, work areas are designed to be more collaborative and open, technology-enabled, and support the way in which work is actually being conducted. Today's workplace has a sense of community, provides empowerment of choice and a focus on occupant experience in pursuit of overall effectiveness,” said Stacy Davis. “These trends are having a real impact.”

The session also shed light on some of the challenges associated with the new workplace status quo including technology integration, data governance, cybersecurity, talent acquisition and retention, and the ethical implications of 24/7 tracking and monitoring.

“In today’s landscape of advanced IoT technology and automation, organizations need to be mindful of cybersecurity and technology integration but other factors like talent acquisition and retention also need to be considered. For the all the advancement in technology it’s the human factor that takes most companies to the finish line,” said Mayu Roy, Senior Managing Director, Consulting. “These challenges are not insurmountable but they need to be considered as part of the bigger picture for any enterprise”.

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