New Newmark Trend Report Showcases Workplace Strategies: Past, Present, and Future

Newmark recently released a new thought leadership piece titled 1Q 2018 NYC New Trends - Workplace: Strategies of the Past and Innovations for the Future. In the white paper, technology companies are showcased as true industry innovators; Providing employees cutting-edge amenities (in the past); Designing collaborative shared employee workspaces (in the present); And spearheading the creation of unique workspaces designed to enhance employee creativity and wellbeing (in the future).
Excerpt below.

“The number of companies that consider workplace strategy has grown, as many companies leasing over 10,000 square feet of space commit time and money to the practice. As an indication of companies’ increased investment in the process, workplace strategists that previously dealt with facilities managers at these companies are now dealing with C-suite executives. Those practitioners are now finding ways to turn the workplace, a company’s second-largest cost after its employees, into a resource and competitive advantage.
Today, there are five main categories of workplace strategy. Portfolio involves occupying office locations across multiple buildings and/or markets and creating synergies between them. Planning includes deciding a floor plan layout and allocating individual and shared spaces effectively. Work mode has evolved with technology and involves catering to a dynamic workplace, exploring alternative ways of working, including virtual working, coworking and activity-based working. It also breaks employees from the habit of performing all office tasks in one place (i.e., at a desk or in an office), encouraging them to move around the workplace. Since 50% of workplace seats are unoccupied at any given time on average, activity-based working can typically decrease space required by 30%. Design is the look and feel of the physical and virtual workplace, which can affect health and wellness and influence client engagement and branding. Change management is a communication strategy that helps with the transition to a new workplace model and may
include staff training.
This variety of workplace strategy options did not exist 10 years ago. The attention that companies pay to the subject and their willingness to spend capital on it has increased dramatically."
Download the full trend report, 1Q 2018 NYC New Trends - Workplace: Strategies of the Past and Innovations for the Future.

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