Newmark Instrumental in Michigan Biz Incentive Proposal Promising ‘Good Jobs’

A recent article in The Detroit News details a bipartisan plan offering tax incentives for large businesses to grow or relocate in Michigan. This previously proposed legislation is once again in the state Senate but this time, supporters are making a bold new promise; not just to create jobs but to create “good” jobs.

The reintroduced legislation, which stalled late last year, would allow up to 15 businesses to capture a portion of income taxes paid by new hires for creating hundreds of Michigan jobs. These jobs would have to pay at least the average regional wage (between $18.57 and $27.77 per hour).

Newmark’s Dan Foster, a national site selector who resides in Michigan, said he’s recently worked with over 100 companies looking to relocate or expand.

“Out of those 100, Michigan has probably been on the list three times, and they haven’t made the finalist list. Was it because of incentives? I think that’s part of it.”

The revised plan was rolled out last Thursday in Lansing Michigan during a press conference. Governor Rick Snyder and Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof, who both support the legislation, and other supporters have launched a new website in an effort to promote the proposed bill which still faces an uncertain future in the Republican-led state House.

Read the full Detroit News article, Biz incentive backers promise ‘good jobs’ for Michigan.

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