Newmark "Dream Team" Evolving Work-PLACE into Work EXPERIENCE

A recent online article from Contract Furnishings News spotlights two Newmark Workplace Strategy & Human Experience team members helping to change CRE design and prove a revisionist take on workplace planning will be “… the next major wave to rock the industry…”.  

In the article, Newmark Regional Workplace Managers Regan Donoghue and Annie Harrison, explain how their innovative approach to workplace strategy is marrying art with human empathy to cultivate richer broker relationships and evolve the work-PLACE into a work-EXPERIENCE.

Excerpt below:

“Donoghue and Harrison, both regional workplace managers for Newmark, liken their partnership to the Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak of the real estate world. With a background in the furniture industry and a keen business sense augmented by the Executive Master's program from Notre Dame, Donoghue is the business mind of the equation. Harrison's time spent in Singapore after winning the first Christopher Guy-BritWeek Design Award and education in interior design makes her the artistic vision of workplace strategy. Together, the duo is helping Newmark change the way we view real estate design and proving the next major wave to rock the industry directly will correlate to revisioning the process of workplace planning.

When it comes to execution, Newmark has taken a unique approach to pulling in furniture partners. “We are working on the front end to shape and mold the clients' overall intentions,” Donoghue says. “Coming from a furniture background, I know that, traditionally, no one thought of design or furniture before real estate. They picked a spot and then tried to fit a square peg into a round hole to make the space work for their needs. We set out to help clients think about their best-case scenario and select real estate that will work with their design vision and furniture needs — not the other way around.”

Read the full article, Newmark Evolves the Process Behind Workplace Design.

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