Newmark GCS Blog Introduction

The last few years have been an exciting and transitional time for GCS. There has been a tremendous amount of change organizationally and – as with any rapidly growing company – this has made remaining focused on our client’s key objectives all the more vital to our sustained success.

GCS has known for years the kind of organization we want to be and that focus has served us well. Unlike the competition, we have remained strategic, pushing ourselves to stay ahead of the curve and acquiring companies which only reinforce our brand and expand our capabilities… But, until now, there has been a missing piece; the Newmark Global Corporate Services website and blog.

As excited as I am to finally see the Newmark Global Corporate Services (GCS) website ( launch, I am even more excited about the potential of the new GCS blog; a “living”, ever-expanding resource for you.

While has been established as an online directory to learn about our services, tools and technologies, team members and client success stories; the GCS blog will provide fresh and relevant content for an industry in constant flux. This blog will showcase the information you need to advance your organization and be on the front-end of the innovation and industry trends becoming a reality each and every day.

Topics will vary from entry to entry; some will contain relevant company news or spotlight upcoming GCS events others will offer new perspectives on industry topics you need to understand. With each entry, expect that the authors contributing are recognized and established thought leaders dedicated to providing the content you need to stay in step with today’s ever-changing market …Where ever it leads.

It is my hope that, whether you have partnered or collaborated with Newmark Global Corporate Services (past or present) or are just discovering us today, this blog can be a knowledge source for you, your colleagues and peers to continue building the momentum required to propel your organization – and the industry at large – forward.

I encourage you to comment and share but more importantly, be sure to subscribe.

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