You Might Want to Say Goodbye to Your Desk

A recent Bloomberg article states, "The desk of the future knows you, perhaps all too well".

"It's a sit-or-stand desk, of course, but it's outfitted with sensors that learn your habits and preferences..." In the workplaces of the future, "Sensors have found their way into every nook of the office..." they're meant "to improve employee health, office design, and productivity".

These sensor-studded offices of the future are collecting lots of data as well. This newfound data is giving employers deeper insights into how workers use their space.

In fact, "It’s kicking out more data than what my team needs, said Dusty Duistermars, a senior managing director at the commercial real estate firm Newmark Knight Frank. Companies can lose track of who sits where or how often employees work from home, Duistermars said. A sensor provides a watchful eye."

While this nuance of a smarter work environment makes some employees nervous, furniture manufacturers like Herman Miller Inc., already leading the charge on smarter offices, are reassuring. "We’re not tracking people. We’re measuring the effectiveness of the space and helping optimize the use of real estate.

Read the full Bloomberg article, Say Goodbye To Your Desk.

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