Newmark Expert Authors Online Article Exploring Political Economy of FDI

Newmark Senior Managing Director, Gregg Wassmansdorf, recently authored his latest column for fDi Magazine. In this opinion piece, Mr. Wassmansdorf speculates that the current state of heightened business and economic disruption and sociopolitical activism should be viewed as interconnected and will no doubt further impact FDI in 2020.  

Excerpt below.

"Is it just me, or do others have the same challenge that I do recently, in determining if updates about the global economy will be found in the Business or the Politics section of news subscriptions?

It seems we are in a state of heightened business and economic disruption and sociopolitical activism. It is a reminder of why I prefer to analyze the world with a 'political economy' perspective, which looks for connections between individuals, institutions and systems of political and economic power.

There is a tremendous variety of social, political, environmental, economic and institutional trends and narratives playing out now that can be viewed individually and separately but should be viewed as a suite of inter-related and inter-connected forces. For readers of this magazine, these cross-currents must be examined regarding their positive and negative impacts on global investment decisions: the industries affected, magnitudes of investment, preferred locations and the quality of investment execution over time.

What are some of these story lines I’m referring to? There are many, all with contrary and opposing forces."

Read the full article titled View from the Americas: the evolving political economy of FDI.

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