Newmark Announces New Global Knowledge Center

Newmark is pleased to announce that it has established a new Global Knowledge Center (GKC) which will serve as a foundational platform to its growing corporate client base. GKC will function as a strategic resource to closely examine the rapidly growing and pioneering technologies and business imperatives affecting the commercial real estate industry, including: artificial intelligence; internet of things; cloud technology; and talent access and development; foreign direct investment and drivers around corporate real estate decision making.

The exciting new initiative will be led by inaugural Director Rajeev Thakur, who will work closely with Newmark Research and Newmark Global Strategy to launch and operate the Center with the support of Newmark's technology group.

The establishment of the Center reflects the proactive approach by Newmark to maintain its position as a premium provider of strategic advisory services, in light of the brokerage business’ continued evolution. As companies such as Uber, Airbnb, WeWork, Pinterest, Dropbox and others which did not exist a decade ago threaten the status quo, Newmark sees their disruption as an opportunity to better serve its clients. The Center will expand upon this notion, providing resources to help understand what the law firm of 2020 will look like; how artificial intelligence may impact the operation of hospitals or universities of the future; or how modern technology may resurrect the advanced manufacturing boom of the ‘50s and ‘60s.

“Our work at the Center will not be about real estate,” said Thakur, a highly experienced management consultant who specializes in developing industry insights and sector analyses. “It is about solving problems for our clients. And we can do that only if we understand their industries and work process, in tandem with being aware of their next threats and opportunities. We needed to establish a strategic think-tank that would uncover and track trends, connect the dots between different industries and their business drivers, and provide strategic content for the delivery of advisory and brokerage services.”

The Center will aim to study the impact of changing technology and business environment on different industries and asset types, conduct labor analytics and workforce studies, and make informed predictions on how our workplace and networks may change with the way that we work in the future. It will not only provide data, but also informative studies and white papers through investigative field due diligence of key markets and industries on a global basis.

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