Newmark Expert Authors Online Article on Data Driven Approach to Re-Boarding

Newmark Global Tech expert Simon Davis recently authored an IFMA online article titled A Data-Driven Approach to Re-Boarding. It serves as a follow up to his recent webinar in IFMA's ongoing COVID-19 series about the pandemic's impact on the workforce, workplace, and facilities management. The article also links the webinar recording.
Excerpt below.

"As companies start to plan and implement re-boarding strategies, the one constant is the power that accessible data can provide in ensuring the appropriate decisions are made. The data considered in this article is based on three elements:

  1. Workforce Data – information related to where facilities or employees are located
  2. Workplace Data – information about the operational aspects of facilities, such as capacity and allocation of space
  3. Facility Management data – information dictating how to maintain the space appropriately
While having technology solutions such as computer-aided facility management (CAFM) or integrated workplace management system (IWMS) software, data visualization tools and sensor data can expedite and ease the solutioning process, all of the tactical elements discussed here can be implemented manually."

Read the full article, A Data Driven Approach to Re-Boarding
and watch the recent webinar recording

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