Newmark Expert Advises Williamson County to Focus on Labor and Connectivity to Accommodate Growth

Newmark Managing Director Kim Moore participated as a keynote speaker on site selection trends and on a panel with four other industry experts focused on economic, real estate, and demographic trends at the 5th annual Outlook Williamson event. This annual summit provides unique insights into this Tennessee County’s current state of economic health and it forecasts future trends the county may need to adapt to sustain recent growth, remain competitive and attract (and retain) area talent.

There have been 150,000 new jobs created in Tennessee since 2011 and Williamson led the nation in job growth in 2016. Naturally, these stats lend themselves to lower-than-average unemployment (2.2 percent) but also a growing concern about meeting increasing employment demand in the future. With management jobs expected to grow 55 percent in the next ten years in Williamson, there was ample discussion on the panel around what it will take for the county to continue their upward economic trajectory.

To address this, Williamson County has been “brainstorming ways to ease and reduce commutes through recruiting, retention, and better urban planning.” An upcoming transit referendum in neighboring Nashville was part of the discussion and recent economic mass transit success stories for metros like Denver we also discussed. Kim Moore weighed in on the critical importance of adapting to the preferences of Millennial and Generation Z workers and training the underemployed, under-educated, and underserved in the community.

“Talent is everything. Labor is everything. It used to be location, location, location, now it is people”, said Kim Moore. She went on to explain the critical importance of a “talent pipeline” to attracting business and innovation (even as early as kindergarten!). “Workforce and talent are everything. Now they want to talk to the superintendent. … do they have a pipeline and is it growing?” According to Mrs. Moore, although Williamson County possesses many attractive aspects, education and a skilled workforce still must reign supreme to stay on top.

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