Workplace Strategy

NKF Global Corporate Services (GCS) Workplace Strategy practice leverages strategic planning and technology integration to help organizations understand their current workplace standards and develop corporate plans and policies to optimize their real estate footprint.


The development and implementation of a comprehensive workplace strategy is a major undertaking. There is no formula or “cookie-cutter approach” but NKF’s methodology is effective, efficient and flexible. This methodology supports business operations and optimizing real estate assets. NKF Workplace Strategy consultants design a cohesive workplace plan which considers the following criteria:

  • Alignment with company goals and operations
  • A case for change (backed up by Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis)
  • An implementation structure and processes
  • Multi-faceted analyses of client workplace practices (space utilization-focused)
  • Client workplace analysis
  • Active client business planning which considers workplace concepts
  • Existing and future business strategies and desired business objectives

NKF’s multi-faceted approach to Workplace Strategies analyzes an organization’s current workplace practices focusing on space utilization, asset optimization and cost effectiveness. Activities that contribute to overall Workplace Strategies include:
  • On-site workplace observation studies
  • Executive and key stakeholder interviews
  • Cross-function interviews and focus groups
  • Pre and post-occupancy surveys
  • Functional space type analysis (of space use and performance)
  • Highest and best use studies
  • Supply and demand studies
  • Utilization analysis
  • Headcount forecasting
  • Space optimization analysis
  • Benchmarking and efficiency ratios, facility benchmarks
  • Occupancy planning
  • Cost estimates
  • Implementation planning
  • Organizational analysis

NKF Workplace Strategies provide a variety of real estate optimization opportunities. The current-state data collected identifies opportunities to improve occupancy costs through strategic planning, alternative workplace strategies and technology integration. Desired workplace outcomes are combined with business and financial targets to establish cohesive workplace requirements, including the sustainable delivery of business change.

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