Global Enterprise Optimization

NKF Global Corporate Services (GCS) Global Enterprise Optimization (GEO) services address the challenges associated with expanding or consolidating business operations. Whether physical, financial or operational; domestic or international in scope; and specifically regarding broader supply chain and talent management and retention, Global Enterprise Optimization services take full advantage of transformational change events to address long term organizational requirements.


GCS Global Enterprise Optimization services address an organization in flux, whether the company is expanding, relocating or right-sizing. These services examine how a company competes in today’s global economy and, specifically, how well they leverage geographic opportunities to create a competitive advantage.

Global Enterprise Optimization services address complex business situations including:

  • Rapid expansion, especially where the “Band-Aid” engineering of operations is failing
  • Significant capital investment needed to remain competitive and responsive to new, growing markets
  • Attraction and retention of the right talent in the market to drive future success and enable innovation
  • Inefficiencies that compromise customer service and operating cost performance
  • The organizational mission is no longer aligned with the current geography
  • Creating organizational alignment around difficult facility location decisions, such as remaining as is, expanding, moving to an alternate location or developing hybrid solutions to set the stage for future success
  • Capturing all possible cost mitigation potential across a portfolio of facilities, including federal, state, local and utility incentives
  • Creation of a strategy for business location alternatives that correspond to property contractual rights and commitments
GCS Global Enterprise Optimization services examine strategic and tactical events objectively and with a level of certainty that stands up in the boardroom and with internal and external stakeholders. Best-in-class methods, tools and data-coupled with decades of project experience-produce thoughtful and actionable recommendations that allow our clients to effectively scenario plan; identify alternatives; isolate pros, cons and trade-offs; quantify risk and take defensible action.

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