Data Management and Analytics

NKF Global Corporate Services (GCS) Data Management and Analytics practice captures and manages data to better inform business decision-making. Data Management and Analytics services address overarching business goals; identify KPIs and additional metrics and ensure data quality.


A real estate organization that is simply tracking disparate data – occupancy costs, utilization, headcount growth, seat sharing, etc. – fails to see the bigger picture and the potential impact that data could have on the business from a cost savings perspective. Data becomes an organizational asset once a comprehensive data strategy and management plan is designed and implemented.

GCS Data Management and Analytics services enable companies to not only manage their real estate data but put it to work for them-collecting and visualizing data in a way that allows for better, more informed business decision-making. This data can then be used to understand an organization’s current state, review historic trends and make educated, future projections.

Data Management and Analytics services require businesses to think critically about their organization and ask questions about:

Business Goals and Issues
How does real estate impact business operations and what information can the real estate organization provide to better understand that impact? An organization’s business needs should drive a data management plan.

KPIs, Metrics and Benchmarks 
How should data be analyzed, organized and reported in order to give business leaders actionable information about the portfolios current state, historic trends and future projections? Every table, calculation, chart and report should be constructed to inform decisions and speak to the audience’s requirements.

Data Requirements and Data Quality 
What data would be required to develop the KPIs, metrics and reporting requirements? Does that data already exist? Is the data quality? Most organizations do not capture data effectively. The GCS Business Intelligence and Analytics team believes that no data is better than bad data.

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